18 Funny Reactions to Aunt Jemima Getting Cancelled for Being Racist

PepsiCo, the parent company that makes and sells Aunt Jemima brand syrup and pancake batter, decided to discontinue the Aunt Jemima product line because the name and imagery is based on racist stereotypes.

The troubling history of this fictional figure is well documented, coming straight out of a minstrel show, but the companies making it were happy to sit by for the past 130 years and do nothing until they got called out in one viral video.

In the video, a woman explains how the manufacturer hired Nancy Green, a woman actually born into slavery, to serve as one of the first spokespersons for the brand.

The company continued hiring black women to portray Aunt Jemima over the years, having them hype up the image of an overweight black woman eager to cook food to please white people.

On Twitter, some are feeling angry about the change, others confused, and plenty happy to have something to joke about. Here's the best reactions so far.
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