Entitled Princess Gets Trashed for Greedy Engagement Demand

A bridezilla is one thing, but dealing with a woman who's so demanding she's basically willing to make you go broke just proposing to her is a big red flag that you need to get out. Immediately.

This woman tells on herself in a big way when she tries to share a "quirky" story about her engagement, and ends up getting roasted over an open fire.

The crazy lady in question demanded that her fiancee buy her three (3!) different engagement rings so that she'd have one to pair with whatever other kind of jewelry she's wearing on a given day. The guy/simp apparently bought her the three rings anyway, and she claimed any man who wouldn't do that isn't worth marrying.

You gotta hand it to her for being so open and successful with her gold digging. But man, these other women really let her have it.
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