Landlord Threatens to Remove Tenant’s Bedroom Lock, Gets Put In His Place

Landlords and bosses are neck and neck when it comes to who can be the most insufferable humans alive.

I say this having lived in multiple apartments in my life and never having a decent landlord. A landlord of mine in college stole all of my stuff. A landlord in New York refused checks and would only take cash. My current landlord blamed me for whatever animal (rat, bird, large mouse) is living in our walls. This is the kind of bullsh*t landlords get away with.

All of that is to say this Redditor won the war. When their landlord was showing the apartment to potential new renters, he threatened to remove the bedroom locks (f**king creepy) on his current tenant's door. That's not okay.

The landlord would go on to cite 'code violations' as his reasoning. 'Okay' said the tenant, let's schedule an inspection from the city. That way EVERYTHING is up to code. As you can probably guess, the landlord backed off fairly quickly. Let's listen to our heroic tenant tell the story.
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