These German Burger King Items Are Freaking Americans Out

What the hell is going on here? Burger King's Germany locations have released a new menu of sandwiches that are making us throw up in our mouths. The new lineup of burgers includes items like bananas, ice cream, olives, and fish, not the sort of toppings people imagine when they think burger.

So what's the catch? these must be fake your probably thinking? Well, yes, actually they are fake. According to Burger King's German website the sandwiches were released before Mother's Day and are meant to be "Pregnancy Whoppers," ie, a combination of all the crazy and unmatched things pregnant women might be craving.

The images only began circulating on Twitter a few days ago, and people's disgust was short-lived, but the message behind the campaign seems to have been a success. Here we are talking about. While we are a bit sad to learn Germans don't have the worst taste imaginable, it is nice seeing another country out-gross the United States. So well done Germany, well done.
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