Woke Woman Trolled for Trying to Defund Dumb, Buff Guys on Twitter

A 'himbo' is defined as any man who is buff and attractive, but dumber than a sack of potatoes. Like a Chad, but nicer and less likely to purposefully steal your girlfriend.

It's essentially the male equivalent of bimbo.

Anyway, a woman trying to show how woke she is claimed that objectifying big dumb men is "ableist" and predatory, on par with going after a person much younger than you because you're smarter than them and can convince them to have sex with you when they might otherwise not want to.

Her argument was that a woman chasing after dim-witted himbos is the same thing as a guy like Chris D'Elia convincing naive underage girls to sleep with him.

But what's wrong with being sexually attracted to dumb people? If a woman likes a guy because he's dumber than she is, then more power to him. Twitter agrees, and the OP is getting appropriately roasted for trying to be the wokest person ever.
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