Woman’s Horror Story Literally a Life Hack on How to Survive

Quick-thinking and creativity may have saved this woman's life.

When this OP was stalked, harassed, and nearly thrown into a van, her absolutely brilliant reaction may have saved her life.

Women walking alone at night is about as high risk as it gets. It should NOT be that way, but unfortunately that's the world we live in. The OP in this story was smart enough to recognize that fact.

She even states that she had been confronted on multiple occasions prior to this encounter, and usually she felt safe enough just telling men that she wasn't interested. However this time was different.

Two men in a van began following her, circling back around, and stayed with her. She even crossed the street in hopes of avoiding an altercation. Eventually the van stopped and one of the men jumped out. But thanks to her brilliant life-hack, she's able to tell her story today.
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