Bartender Sets Girls On Fire With Flaming Drink Spray

With the rise of "startenders" and fancy restaurant cocktails, it's getting harder and harder to just order a drink at the bar. Especially when that drink involves fire, as three poor unassuming women in Singapore found out. 

After ordering their cocktails, the bartender proceeded to light the tops of each on fire. Judging by the unenthused reaction of the women -- they appeared more interested in their phones than the pyro show -- they too just wanted to their drinks in peace. Unfortunately, as he went to top the drinks off, the flames ignited the alcohol in his own liquor bottle, spewing out fire like a flame thrower. 

"Dumbass poured a bunch of fumes across a flame straight at her," one viewer commented on Reddit

"That's called a Flaming Moe," MapRevolutionary4563 joked. 

PudMed has an entire article dedicated to the dangers of fiery cocktails, and judging by the horror stories in its abstract, the startenders need to seriously reign in their heat. 

"Permanent visible facial scarring is present in all three cases," it says. "This type of accident is readily preventable."

Fortunately, these girls look to have escaped without major injuries, but they should be drinking free for a long time. Preferably without any fire. 

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