Black Guy On Vacation In Sweden Gets Pulled Over Five Times in Five Days

When the travel vlogger JABZ decided to take a spontaneous trip to Sweden, he probably expected his experience to be a little more unimpeded. After all, Sweden is considered one of the most accepting countries in the world, (ranked the 11th friendliest and 5th best country by US News & World Report). But when the London based black TikToker and his friends crash their rental car and get pulled over, the trip is doomed from the start.

While his food and experiences seem nice enough, it quickly becomes clear that it's illegal to drive while black in Sweden. Every trip to and from their Air B&B results in a traffic stop, with no legitimate reasons given, and only the most basic of questions asked. "We just thought that you were driving a bit weird," one of the officers says.

A five day trip results in five traffic stops. To close his vlog, JABZ signs off with a little message: "And on that note Sweden, take care. Never again." So much for Sweden's renowned hospitality.
@jabzldn Flying out to a random country, but nothing goes right. #Vlog #Howcanyoucrash #London #Stockholm #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound - JABZ
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