'Buy 1 Get 5 Free': People Celebrate Self-Checkout Shop Lifter

How easy is it to steal at the self-checkout? Very easy. Don't lie and say you haven't considered it because we know you have, we all have.  

"Buy one get 5 free," one person joked in the comments. Despite breaking the law, the vast majority of viewers were on his side. "It's poverty, no hard feelings," one person said. "He saved like $10, who cares. I've seen people fill up their carts and walk past all of that right out the door." Other people even began sharing their own stories of self-check-out shoplifting, accidental and otherwise.

"I have a difficult time having sympathy for shareholders," one person commented. "If they didn’t want to be ripped off they’d be there checking groceries in person like any small business." 

"Dude just getting paid for his labor." 

Unfortunately, it would appear that this man might not have gotten away with his petty theft. "The other side is a scale, so the lady at the end was an employee coming over to tell him to cut it out," one person observed. Here's to hoping the price of eggs and other groceries drops enough to make food shopping manageable again. 

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