Dane Cook Jokes About Having a 23 Year Old Girlfriend

Dane Cook responds to what he calls "internet outrage" over his 23 year old girlfriend. The 49 year old comedian talks and jokes about his relationship, saying he tells her that it's bedtime while she's doing her homework, a joke about how she's young enough to be his daughter. He goes on to say how much he really loves her like he has never loved a woman before, and reminisces that she didn't find her way into his life sooner, only to quip that she wasn't alive for the majority of it.

This controversial bit is making the rounds, with many people calling it out as creepy. The jokes are well constructed, as Dane Cook is still a talented stand up artist, but many find their subject matter uncomfortable. Cook doesn't shy away from this controversy, especially with his bedtime bit, knowing that for many, dating someone young enough to be their daughter is line that shouldn't be crossed.
@danecook The bit everyone is talking about from my new comedy event. Here is a short clip. 4 more days before my special is no longer on the current site so get it now while you have time! #danecook #laughter #fypシ ♬ original sound - Dane Cook
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