Disney World Brawl Proves the Park Is Just a Lawless Wasteland

Ah, Disney World. The most magical place on earth.

Until Wrestlemania breaks out and people get sent to the hospital. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Disney Adults are a different breed!

We should specify which fight we're referring to as there have been multiple brawls at Disney World this year including one back in May. The fight you're about to enjoy literally happened this week.

Allegedly there was a family waiting in line for Mickey's PhilharMagic, when one girl realized that she had left her phone elsewhere and ran to go get it. When she returned, she tried getting back in line. That's when another family stopped her from cutting.

What do we think? Is it okay for people to cut in line to join their family? Or hard no. Cutting is cutting?

Either way this second family took exception. That led to a screaming match, which then turned physical. Keep an eye on the dude in the army green shirt who starts throwing haymakers and then a clear cheap shot.

Also...where is security? I'm confused. Two workers show up toward the end, and by end I mean 2 minutes into an all-out brawl. Good times.
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