Drunk Guy Sets Fire to Wedding Decorations

Life of the party right here.

Obviously the video doesn't show us what actually led up to this. My only thought is okay, so the bride and groom wanted a sparkler send-off at the end of the night. Great. Classy, fun, a nice treat for everyone.

Our hero in the black suit however, somehow got a hold of sparklers early? But it also looks like the woman in the jean jacket has one too. I'm confused as it's clearly still daylight out. I digress.

This man has clearly had few drinks and is feeling invincible. And here were are. Anybody know what happens when you mix alcohol and sparklers? One pissed off bride. With decorations ablaze, and cameras rolling, this dude does the only sensible thing an inebriated human would do and he quite literally throws his arms onto the fire.

He seems to give little to no f**ks about harming himself, as he eventually puts out the fire. Let's just hope the photographer got these memorable moments for the happy couple to cherish forever.
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