Dude Makes a Homemade Tandoor Oven Out of His Garbage Can

Simon Braud is a Louisiana fitness coach and Indian food lover, as well as a handy dude who loves to cook. "I've been into Indian food lately," he said, "and I think it's so cool when they take the naan and smack it on the side of the tandoor oven, and so I said 'I'm going to make my own.'"

Simon's DIY tandoor oven has earned 2.3 million views on TikTok, and many more across other platforms. Some tweets have even suggested that he is Twitter's main character of the week. With Simon's easygoing southern demeanor, it's easy to see why. "Bro is speaking in Forest Gump," said the video's top comment.

Simon followed up his DIY tutorial with an attempt at making naan in his new oven. While it wasn't a disaster, it didn't go quite as well as his oven construction. "Tandoor-making skills 10/10. Naan dough skills 1/10" one person commented. But Simon is determined to learn and try again. At the very least, he got some great puns. "That's naan-sense!"
@simonsaysfitness7 Im so happy how this came out! It was only about $100 to make this thing! Im ready to make my own garlic naan and tikka chicken! #tandoori #tandoorichicken #tandooroven #homemade #indianfood #naan #garlicnaan #chickentikkamasala #chickentikka #homeproject #diy #diyoven #fyp ♬ original sound - Simon Braud

@simonsaysfitness7 This was a blast! I have a feeling im going to be using this thing a lot! If you have any tips please let me know! #homemadetandooroven #tandoori #tandoorichicken #tandooroven #homemade #indianfood #naan #garlicnaan #chickentikkamasala #chickentikka #homeproject #diy #diyoven #fyp ♬ original sound - Simon Braud
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