Frustrated Victim of Flying Tesla Incident Speaks Out

If you haven't seen the viral video yet, it's worth a watch. But any car wreck, no matter how serious, is going to leave behind some casualties.

Unfortunately Jordan Hook's Subaru was one of those casualties. Jordan, a resident of Echo Park was awakened from his slumber a few nights ago to the sound of screeching tires and metal meeting metal.

The sound was that of a rented Tesla jumping over Baxter street and flying through the air. The Tesla did a nose dive, and crashed into two parked cars. One of those belonging to Jordan.

As we can see from the video, it's not the back end of his car that took the brunt of the damage. But his suspension and front tires are pretty messed up. All for 15 seconds of internet fame and clout.

As far as we know, the driver of the 'flying Tesla' has yet to be found by authorities.

In the meantime Jordan has started a GoFundMe to help cover costs for a new vehicle.
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