Dude Slaps Doctor at a Conference for Sexually Assaulting His Wife 7 Years Prior

What would you do to avenge your wife? This husband waited seven years to find the doctor he claims sexually assaulted his wife and slapped him during a medical conference. 

"My wife is suffering because you are a fucking predator," he yelled. "You know what you did. Don't be a fucking bitch!"

The doctor was attending the annual American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists meeting in Baltimore last month when he was confronted by the angry man with his wife nearby. Although the audience was shocked, viewers of the viral clip were firmly in support of the husband.

"Excellence in action!" @PedroHipolito commented. 

"That woman saying this ain’t the place or time should understand," @DrGoodnightt wrote, "it’s always the place or time when a sexual predator needs to be exposed."

The doctor elected not to press charges for assault, and as a result, neither of the men's names have been released. However, according to WMAR, he is a gynecologic oncologist at the Stony Brook University Cancer Center in Long Island. Police are investigating the incident. 

It's not every day we get to settle our scores. Hopefully, this husband and his wife feel like they've finally been heard. 

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