Woman Steals Bystander's Car in Front of Police after Crashing a Stolen Car

Getting your vehicle stolen is never a pleasant experience for anyone, with maybe the exception of the people doing the stealing. The hassle of dealing with the insurance company, police reports, and everything else just makes the whole thing one big headache. In this police bodycam video, an officer arrives on the scene of a wrecked vehicle on the side of the road. Along with the fire department who are already there, is a citizen who had pulled over to assist the wrecked vehicle. The female who was driving the car had put some distance between herself and the scene of the crash as the firemen were trying to wave at her to come back.

The police officer begins gathering details and information on the accident and the stolen vehicle when suddenly, out of nowhere they hear the man who stopped to help begin to yell "that b**ch just stole my car!". Apparently, the woman had wandered down the road and taken the vehicle of the very man who stopped to help her.
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