'Post Concert Depression': Jet-Setting Taylor Fans Zero Sympathy Online

Last year, Taylor Swift was put on blast when reports revealed that her private jet usage was #1 among featured celebrities. But based on a viral TikTok by the influencer lisleedwards, it appears that Taylor is not the only one flying exclusively to her shows. 

"Post-concert depression," lisleedwards writes in the caption of a short TikTok clip, showing her family downtrodden over the end of their Taylor Swift concert-going experience. But exactly nobody felt bad for them. In any way.

"Oh no, praying for you, such hard times," Jaike Marie joked sarcastically. 

Just a few days prior, lisleedwards posted the video, "Get ready with me to fly on a jet to the Taylor Swift Era's Tour!"

Plenty of people pointed out that if the family were so downtrodden, they no doubt have the means to attend another concert if not every other concert. Others lamented a noticeable enthusiasm drop off among fans in the more expensive floor seats. 

Everyone is sad from time to time, but from now on, you're not allowed to throw a pity party on a private jet. 

@lejennymatthews #stitch with @lisleedwards real post concert depression is the eras tour ending without ever being able to get tickets #erastour #taylorswift #concert ♬ original sound - Jenny Matthews

@lisleedwards The most exciting weekend of the year!!! #taylorswiftconcert #erastour #grwm #makeup #erastouroutfits #swifttok #privatejet ♬ original sound - carlisle
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