Kid Wrecks Family Car With Insane Firework Fail

Fireworks have been a part of 4th of July celebrations for decades. There is just something magical about watching the night sky light up with colorful bursts and explosions. From professional and high tech displays to amateurs setting off a few dozen at home with friends and family, it is just plain fun. Being an explosive product there are obviously some inherent risks and dangers that come with light them off. Sometimes people are way too close, or the wind shifts direction and sends one hurling towards the crowd, to the drunk and impatient uncle who goes to check on a "dud" that suddenly blows up right in his face.

In this clip from Twitter, a family is seen chilling out in the front yard with children and adults of various ages. Perhaps it was a lack of experience or familiarity with fireworks or maybe this specific type, but for some reason, they thought it would be a good idea to light a mortar shell and put it on the ground instead of in the "launch tube" and chaos ensues.
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