Monkey Publicly Executes Seagull in Front of Crowd at British Zoo

A Capuchin monkey has been dubbed 'Furious George' after a video clip emerged of him climbing to the top of a pole to snatch a seagull out of the air mid-flight, brutally beating it to death against the pole, and eat it. All in front of onlookers at their local Zoo.

The incident occurred in broad daylight at the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, with many families gathered around the space looking on in horror as Furious George scaled the twenty-foot wooden pole and clobbered the bird to death in the most brutal, primal way possible while taking chunks out of the still-living bird -- and, at one point, even seeming to lick his lips.

Once the bird was certifiably dead following its highly-public execution, George reportedly dropped the gull and slowly made his way down to pole to proceed with his meal down below. All the while a crowd of roughly one hundred looked on in astonished horror.

Just further proof that nature truly is metal and that we sure as hell are lucky that we're not smaller than your average Capuchin.
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