Good Samaritan Chases Down and Grabs Car Thief on the Run

A car thief found himself under 'citizen's arrest' after attempting to flee from police during a pursuit. The suspect was being pulled over by police but did not stop and took off on foot. He then jumped a chainlink fence losing the officer who was chasing him. A local resident passing by the scene in his car noticed the scene unfolding. The good samaritan named Devon is a 26-year-old trained security guard and former high-school track athlete who noticed the man running from police and realized he was losing them after jumping the fence.

Devon pulled off the road into a driveway, hopped out of his vehicle, and chased the man down on foot, even losing both of his shoes. When he finally caught up to the suspect he threw his arms around him bear-hug style and told him to just relax and stay down. Police took the suspect into custody. In a wholesome twist after the incident, Devon offered some words of encouragement to the suspect, wishing him the best and hoping he learns from his mistake and improves his life in the future.
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