Guy Goes Viral For Singing Exactly Like Michael Jackson

A man named Brandon Conway delivered an absolutely spectacular rendition of Michael Jackson's 'The Way You Make Me Feel' to his new audience on TikTok. Standing inauspiciously in a parking lot, Conway dazzles with an amazing voice, nailing not only the music and song itself, but the very essence of the 'King of Pop,' down to his famous ad libs and style between notes.

Conway has instantly built up a fan base with his video going viral, and says in the description that this is just the beginning, with other songs and genres including country music on the way in the near future. Somebody needs to sign this talented vocalist to a deal right away, and spread his voice to even more people. At the very least he has a career as a Michael Jackson impersonator if he wants it. All we know is, it probably won't just a parking lot as a stage in the near future.
@brandonconway11 First post on tiktok let me know what you guys think! More videos coming soon feom mj to country to rock so yall be sure to stay tuned!#fyp #singer #usherchallenge @usher @tpain #letsgo #firstvideo ♬ original sound - Brandon Conway
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