Insane Flooding Shuts Down I-70

Record rainfall around St. Louis has caused mass chaos, as interstate 70 among other roads has been completely shut down. Videos are coming in from around the area of stricken cars in the highway turned canal; some from the roadside, and some from inside the cars themselves. In addition to the stranded cars, about 70 people were trapped in their homes, unable to go anywhere in the submerged metropolitan area.

There were over eight inches of rainfall in around five hours during the early parts of the morning, resulting in quick and severe mass flooding. The previous record for the region was 6.8. Fire companies responded to multiple homes, rescuing occupants from flooded shelters. They also used zodiac boats to more efficiently check on people stranded in place from the water. Ultimately, the rain was scheduled to stop around 10 in the morning, but the damage repair will go on for much longer than that.

Check out this awesome photo of the cloud cover before the rain hit. It's no wonder the rain hit so hard with the sky looking like this.
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