Insane Footage of Man Surviving Air Strike During Instagram Vid

In this absolutely insane clip, we see a Ukrainian man (@ucupcake69) calmly recording an Instagram video during a rainy day in besieged Ukraine when the tell-tale sound of an impending airstrike suddenly cuts through the air. Moments later, all hell breaks loose as a bomb detonates right over the man's head, unleashing a cascade of obliterated debris as the man runs for cover -- all the while his phone continues recording, capturing every heart-pounding moment of horror.

On the Instagram page, @ucupcake69 writes in Russian cyrillic "Watch until the end. Is it military? Is this a military facility? I don't believe in sanctions or negotiations. Putin and his gang are insane. I believe in Russian rebellion. I believe in a military coup. And I believe in a quiet death in a bunker. Help us all, please right now!!!!!! Stop it immediately!!!!!"

As soon as the man reaches the cover of what appears to be a clandestine bunker in the ruins of an urban battleground, you hear commotion before the video clip abrupty ends. Absolutely chilling and another reminder that nobody is safe in a time of war.
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