'Is It ALL Going in the Trash?': Walmart Employee Forced to Throw Away Tons of Leftover Food

"Those cinnamon roles look good!" It's too bad nobody will ever eat them. 

Drew Jitzoo is a TikTok account that has posted three videos exposing the staggering amounts of food Walmart throws away behind the scenes. The man behind the videos is just as appalled as his viewers, and the employees doing the chucking are none too happy either. 

"Walmart is ridiculous," Drew said in his comment section. "This should not have gone to waste!"

The video was later shared by Riley on Twitter, to an equally outraged response. And while some viewers critiqued government regulations, others pointed to specific policies aimed at helping stores donate food. 

"There is no good reason for companies to do this," @GrantSmithEllis
 wrote, as the 1996 Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act specifically exempts firms from civil and criminal liability as to donated food."

"I used to work at a pantry and the number one cause of food waste is that these corporations would rather waste food than miss out on a sale," said @Ronsworth.

No matter who's at fault, these obscene levels of food waste are unforgivable. But it's no surprise that Walmart doesn't care

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