Legendary Interview of an Australian Man Who Stopped a Store Robbery

Walking into the middle of a situation like an armed robbery would be quite a terrifying ordeal for most of us. One Australian man however put his safety in the back seat to help out his friends who own a store in his neighborhood. While we obviously can't condone springing into action during an event like this, the store owners were very grateful.

A man named Nick Ziglinis was visiting his favorite local convenient store for his morning coffee, he stumbled into a robbery unfolding. A woman in a motorcycle helmet had a gun and was attempting to rob the store owner. Nick grabbed the gun which ended up being a fake gun, and Ziglinis threw it onto the floor. He then threw his arms around the woman putting her into a bear hug and hit her with an MMA-style body slam onto the hard concrete floor. The police were called and arrested the would-be robber and Nick was able to get his coffee and carry on with the rest of his day.
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