Cops Scramble as Lunatic Wrecks Entire Brooklyn Street with Stolen School Bus

On Thursday, a man stole a school bus before going on a wild rampage in Brooklyn, NYC that left 15-20 cars damaged or destroyed. News clips have emerged showing brief snippets of the incident, but the full unvarnished footage is even crazier; you see police scrambling over cars re-arranged like one of those stupid parking puzzle games and onlookers watching as the driver turns the entire street into demolition derby.

The chaos reportedly began at 1:45pm on Thursday, December 2nd and only lasted a few minutes -- but enough time to leave an entire stretch of public street nearby the Jackie Robinson Parkway absolutely unrecognizable.

The alleged driver, Anthony Reyes, has been taken into custody and, according to police, no children were aboard the Hoyt Transportation bus when it was stolen. Reportedly, police initially arrived on the scene to find the bus parked. Reyes allegedly started his rampage after ignoring orders to exit the vehicle and deflecting a taser attempt.

Reyes faces charges of grand larceny, reckless endangerment, forgery, unauthorized use of vehicle, criminal possession of stolen property, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of an accident with injury.
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