McDonald's Employee of the Month Gets $10 and a Water Bottle

Imagine you work at McDonald's. It sucks, but you're a grinder. You were meant for bigger and better things! So you suck it up, get out there, and work your ass off. Voila! Your hard work has earned you employee of the month, and recognition from your superiors. What have you earned? Well this McDonald's gift box of course. 

That's what has happened to Biscuit_Reviewer, a young British McDonald's employee who posted his employee of the month gift haul to TikTok. Included in his haul were a Big Mac fidget popper, water bottle, £10 voucher, and more. While Biscuit seemed happy with his haul, plenty of commenters were not. "Yes that’s worth working yourself to death over minimum wage," one person said. "What if you're an adult?" someone else joked. 

Biscuit responded to these comments, stating that most other employees were part time, in school, and getting paid a competitive salary at McDonald's. Thankfully, Biscuit seems happy in his position and with his gift box. All power to him, and to each their own. But plenty of the two million people who saw his video think he, and just about all other fast food workers deserve a lot more

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