Meet 'Olga The Headless Woman,' The 1940s' and TikTok's Favorite Creepy Illusion

Though quite a bit has changed since the 1940s, one thing has remained the same: Our apparent obsession with fake headless women.

Earlier this week, TikTok historical Billy Holt took to the platform to uncover the secrets behind one of history’s most famous illusions – “Olga the Headless Woman,” one that has evidently still resonated with TikTok’s modern audience.

“In the late 1930s, a story comes out about a woman who tragically loses her head. But thanks to scientific technology, doctors are able to technically keep the woman alive,” he  explained in his now-viral clip,” he continued, detailing how Olga became “a sensational sideshow act,” one “even featured at the New York Worlds fair in 1939.”

Despite her novelty, was far from alone. In being miraculously kept alive despite lacking a cranium, several other women managed to land a similar fate – all down to their sideshow success.

The secret? They weren’t headless at all.

“This, of course, was an extremely realistic illusion and throughout the years, other illusionists would copy the same concept.”

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