'No Wonder She Wanted a Divorce': Disturbing Footage of Steven Crowder Verbally Abusing His Wife Emerges

Steven Crowder doesn't want his wife to divorce him; a fact that he made clear in a statement earlier this week where he lamented no-fault divorce. "In the state of Texas that’s completely permitted,” he said. Well now we know why she wanted a divorce, and why he doesn't think she should be able to get one: He's an abuser. 

A newly released backyard ring camera video shows a verbal altercation between the couple, while Hilary Crowder is pregnant with their twins. "The only way out of this is discipline and respect," he says among other scathing remarks. "I love you," she responds, "but Steven, your abuse is sick." New reports have also emerged that Crowder missed the birth of his children to have elective cosmetic surgery for his caved-in chest. "Steven Crowder had gender-affirming surgery to make his chest more masculine," one person commented. 

The video is disturbing, and viewers were left feeling sick and disgusted. "A grown woman doesn’t need to be disciplined. A man can’t demand respect," one person commented. "The “watch it” was horrifying," someone else said. "I felt that in my stomach and my chest immediately. Every abused woman knows that feeling." This fight allegedly occurred after Crowder, who has a net worth of $20 million, asked Hilary to take an Uber to buy them groceries.

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