Pastor Calls Slavery a "Blessing" for White People

For some reason this pastor was having a televised conversation with both a rapper and the CEO of Chick-fil-A when he dropped this weird thought into the universe.

He claims that white people generally understand the "curse" of slavery and can see how so much of U.S. infrastructure, business, and generational wealth came from slavery. So he decides to call those gains as "blessings."

His point in doing this is to try to get any white people who are taken aback by someone saying they experience "white privilege" to open up to a discussion by replacing that term with "white blessing."

However, he mischaracterizes the reality of slavery by calling it a curse because he makes it seem like a blameless crime, when in fact it was an ongoing series of deliberate actions participated in by tons of people.

So in the end he's just trying to white wash historical injustices, which is what all the protests around the world are trying to bring attention to.

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