Guy Delivers Pizza with Pineapple to Italians and Hilarity Ensues

Pizza is one of those things pretty much everyone has at least tried at some point or another. It comes in a ton of different styles, sizes, varieties, toppings, and more. Everyone has their own favorite type, or brand even perhaps, and Pizza is one of those foods that has pretty much traveled to every corner of the globe, often inspiring new styles and pizza-type dishes in some of the unlikeliest locations all over the world. While there are probably hundreds of different types and toppings of pizza, it is not all well received as we see with the whole 'does pineapple belong on pizza debate' that has raged on since the first piece of pineapple made its way onto a slice of pizza.

In Italy, pizza is serious business. It's no surprise that being credited as the birthplace of the modern pizza, Italians tend to take their pizza seriously. This guy takes his life into his own hands and offers some Italians pizza with pineapple on it and the reactions range from hilarious, to authentic outrage.
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