Police Recruit Experiences First High-Speed Chase... and Crash, On His First Day

First days on the job are always tough, but I bet you've never had one go sideways quite like this. Watch as a police recruit goes from experiencing his first high-speed chase, to his first high-speed crash, all in a matter of seconds. And all while out on his very first ride along.

"They're right ahead of us. Are you ready?" the training officer asks the recruit. "Be mindful our cameras are rolling." 

"Yep," the recruit answers. It's the last word he gets out before a sideways red pickup truck comes barreling over the crest of a hill, and right into his front bumper.

"Well, that escalated quickly," @chrishall95825 commented.

"MAN even Batman woulda had a hard time with that one," @AleskaOfficial added.

Many people were quick to praise the training officer, whose instant calm response to the crash displayed a high level of training and professionalism.

"Can we talk about how quickly the senior officer had a knife and was breaking the window to get out?" @HaterHaven69 commented. "Like damn, that was quick."

While the rookie officer was visibly shaken by the crash, both officers seemed in stable condition. Not the kind of first day at work that makes you want to come back.

As RollingSwole joked on TikTok, "It was at that moment that recruit opened up Indeed, and filled out a Best Buy application!"

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