Power Tripping Cops Threaten Man With Arrest If He Comes Back to McDonald's

Going to McDonald's is not normally an arrestable offense, but these police officers are hell-bent on driving one customer away with an unprofessional attitude, and unprincipled abuse of authority. 

"You come back, you're going to be arrested for whatever the fuck you want to believe," one officer tells the man filming. "If you come back to McDonald's," the other officer chimes in, "you're getting arrested for defying trespassing." 

Viewers on TikTok were understandably aghast at hearing police officers speak to a civilian that way. 

"Unbelievable, I hope she got fired," Junior Velasquez said. "WOW, these people are out of control. Just a street gang," 7mileandrunning remarked.

While the cops' behavior was abhorrent, the man filming is far from innocent. The McDonald's manager joins the argument to tell him he is no longer welcome in her store, and his modus operandi appears to be attempting to provoke police on camera. 

Still, saying "This is a police vehicle, I'll park wherever the fuck I wanna park it," is hardly a good look as an officer. This incident looks like ass-hats all the way around, but with one side that should know better.

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