"I'm Hit!" Sky News Team Ambushed by Russian Death Squad

Sky News Reporter Tim Stuart and his team had spent days crisscrossing the Ukrainian capital region, reporting on the ever-closer front line of Russia's campaign to take Kyiv, when they had the unfortunate luck to roll right into the jaws of a Russian death squad posing as a Ukrainian checkpoint.

In the harrowing video clip below, we see the team muttering about "an explosion" when a loud TAP! is heard and a plume of smoke is seen. This was a bullet cracking their windshield. The team, dressed in combat gear, crumples into the foot well and cowers behind their car as the Russian saboteurs shower their vehicle in ammunition.

The team calls out, "Journalista! Journalista!" as the barrage continues, with two rounds finding home in camera operator Richie Mockler's body armor and one in Stuart Ramsay's lower back. The team, however, proved their mettle as they, under the hail of Russian gunfire, made a hail-mary run for it over a concrete divider -- rolling down a 40-foot embankment and sprinting for their lives through an empty, abandoned urban battleground. Incredible footage for an incredible story.
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