Snoop Dogg Gets Heat For Putting Uber Eats Driver On Blast

A recent video showing Snoop Dogg calling out an Uber Eats driver for not fulfilling his order has gone viral receiving over five million views. A Tiktok account that reposts anything happening in the hip-hop world known as @rap recently posted the now viral video of the rapper scrolling through a conversation he was having with the driver. In the video Snoop Dogg says, "Motherf*cker from Uber Eats didn't bring my f*ckin food."

According to the messages between the driver and Snoop Dogg, the driver was unsure of where to drop the food and felt unsafe. The messages read, "Plz call not sure where to leave your order. Hello. This is not a safe place." After eight minutes Snoop Dogg replied, "Yes it is."

While it seemed like Snoop was trying to get people on his side by putting the driver on blast, many of the comments on the video sided with the driver.

One user said, "“You waited 8+ minutes to respond there is a limit on wait, time is money. UE ain’t no charity.” Another commented, "Well he tried to give you your food you answered late and he didn’t feel safe."

Some people were concerned about why the driver might have felt unsafe at Snoop Dogg's delivery location.

“Does snoop not live in a 10 million dollar house,” one user commented. Another commenter joked, "Bro was at his trap house or sum.”

The driver even identified themselves as the user @melaninpoppin00 and gave insight into why they didn't feel safe. They said in a comment, "I delivered to a hotel and there were men outside it didn’t look safe, so they told me to go and they’ll issue a refund."

Seems like a case of miscommunication on Snoop Dogg's part for not letting the driver know where to drop off the food. Another lesson in why you should always leave delivery instructions for your driver so you don't accidentally call them out on social media for just trying to do their job.
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