Spanish Minister Filmed “Biking” to Climate Conference after Exiting Motorcade 100 Meters Before Event

Teresa Ribera, the Spanish Minister for Ecological Transition, pulled up to a July 10th Valladolid “informal ministerial meeting” climate summit in the most ecologically friendly way possible: On a bicycle. 

Except, her woman-powered mode of transportation was only for the last 100 meters of her journey. The first 180 miles were traveled car. 

In a series of viral tweets and TikToks, Ribera is being roasted for her shameless PR stunt, with some claiming that she even took a private jet to the summit. That claim however has been disproven by, as photos prove Ribera was already in Valladolid by the time the alleged private jet landed. 

"Did she think they woulda thought they rode their bikes all the way there?" one commenter asked. 

Still, the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge revealed that the rest of the delegation had traveled by train, while Ribera took a hybrid car. In the viral video, the Ford Fusion in front of her is a hybrid. The Opel Insignia behind her is not. 

The entire stunt feels like something out of an episode of Veep

"They could just Skype," another commenter pointed out. "But then how would the back door deals happen?"


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