Bodycam Footage Released of Deputy Who Was Stabbed in the Neck

The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office released a dramatic body camera video Friday showing a deputy being stabbed in the neck by distraught woman authorities said he was trying to help. She was visibly upset and crying in an area near the water. After he convinces her to move away from the water and the two are walking up some stairs, she unexpectedly pulls a knife and takes a slash at him, slicing open his neck.

The deputy applied pressure to his neck while calling for back up and continuing to chase the suspect. Doctors had to use part of a vein from his leg to repair the damage and say that his quick actions saved his life and had the wound been down an inch or two, he likely would not have made it. The woman will be facing attempted murder charges. It is a stark reminder of the dangers law enforcement face on a daily basis, as well as how fast lives can change forever.
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