Bicycle Cops in Training Struggle to Ride Around Some Picnic Tables

Unfortunately, modern-day police are known more for their donut consumption abilities than their athletic prowess. This swarm of California bicycle cops in training did nothing to dispel that stereotype and showed why people have such a hard time taking police seriously. 

While slowly cycling around some picnic tables at California State University in Sacramento, one officer was filmed embarrassingly falling off his bike and into a table. Posted by the student HAnha, the video now has 5.7 million views on TikTok. 

"First day without training wheels," she captioned the video. "This has to be a 'RENO 911!' skit or something, what are they doing?" one person asked. "This feels like zoo tycoon when you overload the enclosures," someone else joked. 

Unfortunately, the video is only a few seconds long, as watching a group of geared-up grown men ride around at snail speeds is peak comedy. It's hard to imagine that the tempered training is accomplishing anything productive, but if this recent video of a cop car getting hit by a train is anything to go by, the police need some more practice on their vehicles of choice. Maybe it's time they went back to horses. 

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