Cameraman Cheats Death as Russian Tank Fires in His Face

A cameraman filming an approaching Russian tank is lucky to be alive after the tank fires right on his position. The shell makes contact just a few feet away, with a majority of the force absorbed by the structure. Without any signs of fighting in the vicinity, many online are suggesting the tank may have been specifically aiming for him.

What's wild, really, is the man's dedication to the shot. Whether frozen with terror or simply unphased, the cameraman doesn't seem to flinch as the round obliterates the window beside him and calmly repositions himself to continue filming.

Tank rounds are by no means cheap; Why the Russian tank chose to fire on a civilian individual target is unclear -- perhaps mistaking them for a guerilla combatant or someone otherwise armed, they chose to take the shot.

Some have speculated that the tank may have been aiming for ground-borne troops somewhere near the orange structure below the cameraman's position and that the round ricocheted off of its roof; slowing it down, however, it appears to have broken through the branches of the tree above -- whether that's the result of a ricochet or suggesting an overhead trajectory is unclear. What is clear is that the cameraman here sure lucked out, circumstances notwithstanding.

Here's a stabilized version of the same clip to peep at.

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