Armwrestling Whisperer Hypnotizes You With His Sensual Voice Before Finishing You Off

"Make sure you're breathing. Good, sink your body."

Those are a few of the sultry lines the Armwrestling Whisperer delivers to his opponents while he toys with them in an intense yet serene wrestle, before mercifully finishing them off. The Whisperer, whose name is Etienne Waite, is a competitive arm wrestler who also happens to have the deep suave voice any man would dream of.

"This is the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life," @punishedmother commented on Twitter. "This man would call me 'good girl' once and it would be all over." Plenty of people agreed. 

"He ever says the word daddy anyone in earshot is just gushing," @muppet855 said. 

While it's true Etienne is probably pretty popular with the ladies, plenty of dudes couldn't help but feel tranced by his expressionless strength too.

As @yaitskayy tweeted, "Men invented arm wrestling so they could hold hands and look into each other's eyes."

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