Was the Dude Who Left His Date With a $130 Bill and Got “Canceled”... Right?

Back in March, Alvi and Jess went on a date. After the date, Jess posted a now-deleted TikTok exposing Alvi for leaving her with a $130 bill. The video received over a million views, and people understandably criticized Alvie. 

Not one to be put down without saying his bit, Alvi posted a response video in the 'street interview' style. In the clip, he claimed that his meal was only $13 and that Jess ran up the bill with crab legs, drinks, and more. "Guess what, you're not getting the money and we're not talking again," Alvie said. "If she's gonna run up your bill," a woman next to him commented, "that means she's using you for your money." Alvi now makes classic 'dating life' street interview videos on his page. 

But after Alvi's response, Jess decided to set the record straight. "I was gonna come alone and he invited himself out to come out with me," she said, showing screenshots of their text messages. "I was going to order that anyways, and I was gonna go alone." 

She went on to say that all she wanted was for him to pay his share and understood that the rest was on her. "He thought it was a date where he had to pay and might get some after," one person commented. "In reality, he was just a guest at your dinner." 

Of course, it is impossible to know what really happened, but it's safe to say that there will not be a date number two if there was even a date number one. 

@stoneyrecapp Episode 1| I Got Canceled #fyp #viral #hinge #canceled #golddigger ♬ original sound - Alvi


This is the last video I’m going to make on this.

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