The Time the Internet was Mind-Blown After Hearing Gilbert Gottfried's Real Voice from a Howard Stern Clip

Gilbert Jeremy Gottfried was a comedian, actor, and voice actor whose career spanned over fifty years since he first took the stage at age 15. Gottfried was born in the Coney Island section of the Brooklyn borough of New York City, on February 28, 1955.

Gottfried began performing stand-up comedy in New York and eventually became well known in the area as a "comedian's comedian". While Saturday Night Live was being retooled with a new staff and new comedians in the early 80s, producers noticed Gottfried and hired him as a cast member for season 6. During his 12-episode stint, he was given very little airtime and infrequently appeared in the various skits and sketches. Gottfried was also a recurring guest star of The Hollywood Squares. Aside from maybe one of his most recognizable roles as Iago the parrot and pet of the evil Jaffar in Disney's Alladin, Gottfried provided the voice of the duck in the Aflac commercials and Digit in Cyberchase, as well as the crazed dentist Dr. Bender and his son Wendell in The Fairly OddParents. Gottfried made regular appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as several various animated shows for DC and the Animated LEGO franchise.

Sadly, on April 12, 2022, the comedian's long and storied career would come to a close when he unexpectedly passed away from myotonic dystrophy type II. Below is a clip from the Howard Stern Show where Gottfried talks in his normal or natural speaking voice. It's well known that his public voice wasn't real, but I hadn't heard his actual speaking voice until now.
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