Three Months after Asking TikTok Witches to Hex Him, He Provides an Update and the Witches Are Pissed

All the way back in July of last year, the popular TikToker Ethan Keiser decided to prove to the world that demons, spirits, and witchcraft are all fictional. He did this by encouraging every witch who saw his videos to hex him with their negative spells, and prove that their powers are real. He even sent a photo, hair sample, and nails to a witch in Mexico to assist with her spells. Predictably, months later and well past that witch's timeline, Ethan is still doing just fine.

Ethan claims that his goals are "exposing more people to my critical reasoning and a scientific world view." He also states that he wants to prevent people from falling for scams relating to supernatural promises. Instead of acknowledging their failed spells, TikTok witches have come up with some other convenient explanations for Ethan's continued well being. These include his actual secret death, and real identity as a powerful warlock feeding off of their spells. Ethan defends his videos. "This series has helped millions of people realize that superstition, witchcraft is not real, and that we should have a bit more scientific world view."
@itsethankeiser Replying to @taylorjade someone played a joke on the witches while I was on vacation. #witchtok #science ♬ 28 Days Later - Main Theme - Geek Music

@itsethankeiser Science is not witchcraft. Science is not magic. #witchtok #science ♬ original sound - Ethan Keiser - Big Brain
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