Truck Filled With Polystyrene Learns It's Flammable the Hard Way

Sometimes we don't take the warning "fire hazard" seriously enough. Why should we? It's quite rare we actually come face to face with the devastating fires we see in the movies. But these dudes working to unload a polystyrene truck quickly found out why their cargo might be deemed "flammable material."

It's unclear exactly what causes the top of the truck to ignite, but some commenters pointed to power lines in the background as a possible culprit. Good old fashioned friction from the rope might have also caused the spark. 

"Glad the driver heroically distributed the fire down the street," @CharlesPiroth commented, alluding to the workers pulling their cargo off the truck. Others thought the driver did an admirable job. 

"Decent attempt made to save the van," @DJRil86 said, "but by about 30 seconds in there was going to be no stopping it without a fire engine."

While the polystyrene didn't burn as quickly as other infamous fires like a cotton factory, and polyethylene foam rolls, the medium burn gave the workers just enough time to process the disaster unfolding in front of them.

Thankfully nobody was hurt, so we can appreciate the beauty of an uncontrolled fire. 

As @ant64b_ commented, "That was awesome." 

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