Video of Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan Allegedly Heavily Intoxicated During Session

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is calling for the resignation of fellow Texas Republican Speaker Dade Phelan for intoxication after Phelan heavily slurred his words while presiding over a session of the Texas House.

"Texans were dismayed to witness his performance presiding over the Texas House in a state of apparent debilitating intoxication," Paxton wrote. "His conduct has negatively impacted the legislative process."

Video of the incident has spread quickly across Twitter, and it is clear that Phelan was compromised in some capacity. 

"I thought my phone was glitching," @kat_fullyvaxxed commented. 

But others were more worried for Phelan's health, saying that his slurring might indicate a stroke. Paxton can be heard speaking more clearly, albeit not perfectly, both before and after the viral clip. Paxton's critics called his comments an attempt to direct the conversation away from his own current political controversies. 

“Mr. Paxton’s statement today amounts to little more than a last-ditch effort to save face,” Phelan's spokespeople said. 

Luckily, nobody listens to each other in government anymore anyway. 

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