The Karen Video to End All Karen Videos

What happens when two Karen collide? Well, you're looking it at. They pull out their phones, they size up their prey and they attack. What we call the dance of Karen usually ends with some Karen calling the police while the other claims innocents.

And here we have a true battle of the Karens. The two women had no idea what they were in for when they crossed each other's path, for this battle of the Karens would go down in history as one of the prettiest showdowns of all time. Karen's have been out of the meme-cycle for a few months now, but all that has done is make them turn on each other.

These two Karen's crossed paths in a California parking lot, but neither of them were ready for what followed. This might be the best, unscripted bit of entertainment we've had in quite some time. This is, When Karens Collide.


She wasn’t expecting that. I for pepper spray ready for karens. Back up away from my car before she got racist #karens #blm #masks #pepperspray

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