Woman Makes a Chicken Farm From Fertilized Trader Joe's Eggs

We all know that the little yellow yolks in our eggs could have conceivably been chicks, if not for the all powerful forces of mass farming. But when we pick up our cookie cutter plastic cartons from the grocery store, it's hard to imagine those little white orbs any differently than a loaf of bread, or a stalk of broccoli. 

But the Bay Area Transitional Kindergarten teacher Alice in TK Land knows better, and decided to raise a chick farm for her students. But instead of buying chicks from a pet store, she decided to take care of fertilized eggs right out of a carton from Trader Joes... and they hatched. 

"This HAS to be a joke," the TikTok user skepticalvegan commented. But it's not. You really can buy eggs in the grocery store capable of turning into chicks. 

"Now I gotta go buy all the eggs in Trader Joes and save the chickens," aviaamber said. Some farmers sell fertilized eggs so that a hen cay lay multiple batches before nesting. You can identify a fertilized egg by looking for a red dot in the yolk. 

Plenty of commenters were disgusted. "From the majority of these comments," mesadevida joked, "this video may have just solved the egg shortage crisis."

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