Congressional Candidate Martin Hyde Goes Full Karen Mode and Threatens Cop's Career During Traffic Stop

Nobody enjoys getting pulled over. Often times if you are courtesy and respectful you can usually get away with a warning or maybe a written warning, depending of course on the infraction and the status of your license. Why people chose to get pissy with the cops and escalate the situation right off the bat is beyond me, but they often end up getting in more trouble than they would have originally.

In this video, Congressional candidate Martin Hyde got pulled over while driving for speeds in excess of 15 miles an hour over the limit, while driving with his phone in his hand and appeared to be text messaging. He is very hostile to the female officer and even makes threats about ending her career over the incident. He has since released a public apology regarding the February 14th traffic stop. His Karen-like actions not only landed him a ticket and a fine but also netted him some viral fame for his temper tantrum.
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