New Louis C.K. just dropped and it's called Mike Mulloy. Now if you have no idea who Mike Mulloy is, don't worry...we didn't know either. Apparently Comedy Central had him on once and he joked about hippos and sharks. Really groundbreaking stuff. He's also really into jerking off and forcing women to watch.

Before we get into this, here's proof that he DEFINITELY did it. This isn't a rumor, this is pure unadulterated fact. We have screenshots of the FaceTime to Bridget, who you'll meet in a second. As well as screenshots of his social accounts going into protection mode. I'd venture to guess that he's guilty.

Here's Bridget's original tweet, before deciding to call out Mulloy.

The tweet obviously went viral racking up nearly 500 retweets and 13,000 likes. Mulloy was then tagged in a follow-up tweet which is probably when he went on his privacy binge.

Can't forget Instagram...

Oh man. Caught redhanded. But the real question is will this affect his career in any way? Who knows? Louis C.K. was supposedly 'cancelled' for the same reason, and he just won a Grammy. Just so we're clear fellas, even if a person answers your FaceTime call, that doesn't mean they are consenting to watch you play with your 3-inch dingaling.