Amazon driver - sink hole septic tank

This Amazon delivery driver found himself in a crappy situation after being trapped in a six-foot-deep septic tank sinkhole. The driver, Charles Amicangel, was walking across a lawn to deliver a package when the ground underneath him gave out, and he was left standing in three feet of human sewage with no way out. 

@dovahkiin0103 Walked past a hole while delivering to a customer’s house when it collapsed and took me with it! #baddayatwork #amazondspdriver ? original sound - Charles Amicangel945

Charles stays remarkably calm given the circumstances, and is smart enough to realize that any attempt to climb out may bring the soft soil down on top of him. "I really do not want to die in somebody's... whatever you call these things," he says while waiting for emergency services to arrive. 


? original sound - Charles Amicangel945

A third video shows Charles safe and sound in his Amazon truck, where he reports the details of his rescue, and the events of the rest of his day. According to a fire chief involved in his rescue, he was likely in more danger than he realized. 

@dovahkiin0103 #amazondspdriver #baddayatwork ? original sound - Charles Amicangel945

Much to the dismay of many viewers in the comments, Charles returns to his route that same day, showing the ruthless working mindset of Amazon and its extensions. "Finish the route? I'd be walking straight into a lawyers office," one says. "You should’ve told them no and gone straight to the hospital for bloodwork, X-rays, examination, and possible antibiotics! How dare they expect you to work," says another. In Charles's own words, "I guess I'm too nice."